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Sports fishing is one of the most exciting and challenging sports that you should try at least once in your lifetime. It is a sport enjoyed by a lot of seasoned professionals in Strip Fishing. This activity can be enjoyed by adults and children alike, making it an ideal family excursion. 

The best place to practice the sport is in Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts. You will need an expert guide to help you navigate the waters so that you can appreciate the surrounding lush scenery and learn what the fishing sport is really about. 

Cape Cod is popular for its beautiful landscape and bountiful waters. It is here were expert sports fishers travel to hoping to catch the largest fish. The biggest fishes recorded in America were all caught here in this location. You would need a professional who can teach you the ropes of sports fishing as well as bring you to those magical places where the giant fish strive. 

You don't need to look further if you are searching for an expert to navigate you around Cape Cod. Our website features a remarkable boat and Captain who know these waters by heart. 

Feel free to browse our website so you can catch a glimpse of the majestic Lady J! We have photos of our happy customers and the huge fish that they have caught while riding on the boat. Meet Captain Caliri and find out why he is called the Ocean Operator!
You will have the pleasure to discover all of this once you visit our website and sign up for one of our fishing expeditions. No other website offers the same kind of personalized and friendliest services of sports fishing like Lady J Sport Fishing!
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Some Reviews

“Thank you and Brian so much for a truly outstanding outing, not only in the fish we caught, but the professional service you provided to make it so memorable.”
Gary Wood Col ret. USAF
“I want to thank you & Jon once again for a simply marvelous trip this past Monday, July 19th.
Having grown up on the Cape, in Chatham, I had heard tales of the “big” stripers pounding the surface so hard that it appeared to boil.  My dad used to chase the “birds working” in the surf on North Beach & Monomoy hoping to find such a phenomenon.  He had a few photos to convince us “boys” that it really occurs.  This was the first time in 60 years that I witnessed it with my own eyes!  Not just once but several times that fated morning.
Just after we said our farewells, I regaled the trip over lunch with Ricky at the Mattakeese Wharf as the skies darkened and the thunderheads rolled in.  Ricky wondered if we hadn’t turned around to hand the parking tag in his truck, would we have motored right past those fish before they showed?
Similarly, I wondered what were the chances that I could have gotten a charter for the next day in the middle of summer on Cape Cod.
Then to frost the cake, you put us on a school of big blues doing the same thing.  What a day!
We allowed that fate just made this day happen.  Ricky’s dad was one of my 2 best friends; he died 6 weeks ago at age 64.  I had made an unexpected trip out for the funeral of my other best friend, Ricky’s “uncle”.

Thank you so much; I have high hopes of a repeat trip some time in the future!“
Winthrop “Win” Taylor – Prosser, WA

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